Defining the User
The Process - It's not about just making someone up.
The creation of a user persona isn't about just making up an individual from the development team's perspective. Persona's are created based off of research of current and potential users.
Once I complete the user research on the product and competition, I design personas that provide context of who the target audience is and their natural task flow process. This assist developers in developing user friendly systems, based upon the Use Case processes.
Personas are created through implementation of strategic fact finding activities to find the user's pain points and natural workflow process.
Persona Creation Activities
• Surveys
• Interviews
• Observations
• Market Research
• Competitive Analysis
• Content Analysis
• Site Analysis

Personas should be carried throughout project lifecycle. When discussing the project, the question should be asked and answered through the personas perspective.
Scrum Framework Implementation
• Backlog
• User Stories
• Acceptance Criteria
• Backlog Grooming
• Sprint Planning
• Sprint
• Sprint Review
• Sprint Retrospective
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