Taking it to the next level begins, by first discovering where you are. Unless you are willing to take a hard look at where you are currently, you'll struggle to take your designs and development to the next level. Below are some links to websites which demonstrate innovative thinking approaches with their products. Their design and development articulates the message, "Innovation to set you apart from the crowd."

Coming up with a new product, is similar to creating a new startup company. The "Build it and they will come" approach only occurs in Hollywood movies. Research is essential to your long-term success.​​​​​​​
Case Study One
This website which takes an innovative approach to how they maintain a user's interest through the slight movements throughout the site. The site no longer is strictly information based, blah, blah, blah... but comes to life. This site is for a HR service industry. Once can immediately gain confidence in this company's skills, to have software which works and is enjoyable to use. This is a strong selling point to help teach the user, how to shop their competition.
Case Study Two
In this next website example, you'll find an innovative interactive chart and graph program. One of the biggest challenges with data visualization, is to take complex data and not only make it easy to understand, but enjoyable to work with. Data visualization goes beyond information display. It requires designs which will connect with the user's emotions to draw them into exploring the data being requested. While many in this field are natural left brain analyst who enjoy staring at raw data; any product which is requiring data visualization needs to be mindful to address the larger percentage of individual who don't fall into this category.
Case Study Three
This next website shows confidence in their system and isn't afraid of competition. This is done by staying focused on who their website is intended for... the end user. Websites who hide the information a user needs to make a decision about their product or services, demonstrate their focus is more on their competition than on ensuring a new user has the information to become a customer. This tactic also indicates the level of customer service and support one might receive, once you become a customer of theirs.
Implementing different visual elements, captures and maintains the users interest to continue exploring the site. They provide enough information to satisfy the user's initial curiosity while leading them to multiple ways to gain more information. Every user has a communication style. By providing different communication touch points, users can utilize which one matches their preferred method of communication.
Case Study Four
Products which address repeatable tasks and bulk editing are essential in today's fast-paced society. With social media such a prevalent part of our lives, many businesses need help to take their online marketing to the next level. Social media is all about entertaining. This website, demonstrates their product features in a unique manner, which helps to maintain the user's interest while instilling confidence in the company's innovative abilities to address their social media needs. 
UI Noteworthy Websites
There are several note worthy websites which has excellent user interface which matches the users natural workflow process. These website services are widely used and popular to help remedy their user's pain points by creating an enjoyable experience to mundane and repetitive tasks.

1)   Adobe Portfolio had a beautiful user interface which allows individuals to select from a template and quickly create a nice looking portfolio site. They focus on allowing creatives, be creative.

2)   Canva is a social media design website which specializes in helping creatives and non-creates design beautiful social media posts. They have an expansive library of templates, backgrounds, photography, and illustrations. One can either utilize a template or start from scratch.

3)   IFTTT is for those who need to automate their tasks to create efficiency with repetitive tasks.

4)   Articulate 360 is created for those who want to take e-learning to the next level. While their UI is pretty user friendly, they offer a community and training for additional support.

5) LinkTree has taken an innovative approach to keeping all your connection links in one place. Gone are the days with placing a row of icons to show how to connect with you on social media platforms. With LinkTree, you update your connection links, are provided a preview, given a QR code and a link to place neatly on your website. If you need to change your links, go back into your admin and make the changes, your link and QR code is automatically updated.
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